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Query2XML v1.7.2 is now available!
To install, run `pear install XML_Query2XML'.
To upgrade, run `pear upgrade XML_Query2XML'.

This stable release implements the following changes:
  • Bug #17724 fixed: avoiding split, using explode.
  • XML_Query2XML::registerPrefix(): new method that allows you to register your own prefixes that can be used in all value specifications. unregisterPrefix() and unregisterAllPrefixes() allow you to unregister a particular or all prefixes (including default prefixes).
  • Now comes with 244 unit tests.

  • If there is still somebody upgrading from v0.6.x or v0.7.x, please consult the migration guide.

    What is Query2XML?
    Query2XML allows you to transform the records retrieved with one or more SQL SELECT queries into XML data. Very simple to highly complex transformations are supported. It was written with performance in mind and can handle large amounts of data. No XSLT needed!

    Major Features:
  • 1. Query2XML works with the classes provided by PHP5's built-in DOM API
  • 2. open driver architecture
  • 3. comes with drivers for PDO, PEAR DB, PEAR MDB2, ADOdb, PEAR Net_LDAP and Net_LDAP2
  • 4. ISO/IEC 9075-14:2005 support: mapping of SQL identifiers to XML names
  • 5. highly configurable
  • 6. easy integration of other XML data sources (e.g. raw XML data stored in the DB)
  • 7. debugging, logging and profiling features
  • 8. XML encoding: support for UTF-8, ISO-8859-1 and others
  • 9. in-depth documentation and case studies: tutorials and API documentation
  • 10. 244 phpt unit tests

  • What's the difference between Query2XML and XML_Query2XML?
    There isn't any. Following the PEAR naming conventions the technically correct name of this package is XML_Query2XML. As this looks rather clumsy and is not that memorable, Query2XML was chosen as the sourceforge project name. In the tutorials and the API docs it will say XML_Query2XML.

    Query2XML requires
  • PHP5: Query2XML heavily uses the new exception handling, object orientation features and PHP5's built-in DOM API.

  • The following package is optional:
  • PEAR I18N_UnicodeString: this is only required if you want to use XML_Query2XML's ability to map SQL identifiers to XML names in accordance with ISO/IEC 9075-14:2005.

  • License
    Query2XML is released under the terms of the Lesser General Public License (LGPL), Version 2.1.
    Copyright: Lukas Feiler 2006

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